How to Prepare Wine Tasting Parties

Wine tasting parties are now popular around the world. Family, friends, and members of wine clubs are gathering together to enjoy such parties. Wine tasting parties initially began at wineries where wine tasting tours are normally held. Then, liquor stores started to have wine tasting sessions so their clients could sample their bottles. Now people plan wine tasting parties in their own homes.

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Now if you're ready with the party preparations, here are a few ideas to help you by.


When planning wine tasting parties, you must have your list of visitors. On the average, a bottle of wine would serve three people. Even though you would only taste the wine, your friends would want to take the wines that loved. After you already prepared your guest list with names of your visitors you like to attend, then it’s time to send them your invites. You could create your own invitation cards or buy invitations to be sent. If you are asking each visitor to bring a wine to taste, as a number of party givers do, make sure to state this clearly on the invitation.


After which, it is the time to prepare for the party set up. The party should concentrate on red or white wines only, or they could offer a blend of all kinds of wines. The food should complement with the taste of the wines so the full taste of the wine could be enjoyed. Pairing any kinds of food with wine is as well a learning experience for your visitors. Choose on the kind of wines you would be sampling and create a menu that you like to serve that would best for the wines. The White Zinfandel can be paired with chicken, pork, and seafood while Merlot is good with chocolate. If you do not like prepare a lot of dishes, you can serve different desserts or cheeses to show which of the wines match with each other. No matter what kind of food, you choose to serve your visitors will be delighted.


Your home is well prepared for throwing some wine tasting parties. All your preparations are completed and your visitors would be arriving in any minute. So, turn on the sound system with some good and soft music, and be prepared to enjoy yourself with great wines, delicious food, and good people.

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