Jaguar at Los Angeles Zoo needs bigger space

I recently spent  a few hours in front of the Jaguar exhibit at the Los Angeles zoo filming the Jaguar pacing frantically back and forth in this substandard tiny enclosure. People who wandered up to his cage were consistant in their comments about how small the cage was for this big cat, and how miserable he appeared to be. At times he would jump up on his tiny shelf and stare at the sky through the mesh bars at the top.Then he was down and pacing the cage again.

Although I am not a fan of zoos, as long as they exist, they should provide a healthy and enriched space for the animals on view.

The LA ZOO has spent millions on their frontage, and other human facilities to attract the public to add to their comfort. How about the comfort of this majestic Jaguar tucked away in what is tantamount to a closet? When you enter the zoo, the large crocodile exhibit is surrounded by indiginous flora including a large tall tree. It has a 20 foot high cluster of boulders from which a waterfall tumbles into a pond. It is spacious and beautifully designed for an animal that just lounges on the edge of or lies submerged in the pond....unlike the dusty cramped cage the Jaguar is destined to live his life out in, until, like his mate, he dies.

Please contact the director of the LA Zoo and demand a larger and more natural environment for this beautiful and majestic animal.

cc your local media as well

Los Angeles Zoo

5333 Zoo Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Att: Director and Glaza


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