I want to go to the academy of Real Madrid

Hello. My name is Evgeniy. My surname Fomenko.  I live in Kazakhstan. Kostanay city.


I could not find an email where you can write on transfer me to your academy. I write here on this.  I want to go to the academy of Real Madrid. I have the makings of a good football player, me speak about this coach. But in Kazakhstan is very difficult to get into the world of football, as poorly developed level of football, and the prosperity of corruption. I recently read an article about how you can get into your academy. My most awesome dream of becoming a professional footballer and play for Real Madrid, as well in the article was written that you answer each one you write. I am 15 years old and I am a fan of Real Madrid, I try to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo and I say that I very much like even the style of play , even for him.  If you take me to the view I will be very happy about it, but there's one problem is the problem of the financial. I will also be grateful if you answer me. I will wait for a response. Thank you. HALA MADRID!

 Please help me! Sign up and my dream will come true. Please!!!