As a proud RedV member and fan of the St George Illawarra Dragons, I cannot sit back in silence any longer and watch this proud club collapse the way it has over the last year and a half. The players have not developed (young and old), they show little discipline and appear to lack direction....this is a direct result of inept coaching. It appears evermore certain that we will not be in the semi finals for the 2nd year in a row..unheard of in our history. Players waiting for an opportunity sit back in lower grades whilst they watch players out of form continue to play in first grade with no signs of improvement. Well i say "Enough is Enough"! Price had his contract renewed on the back of 3 wins but I say "sack him now"! I'm sure management had get out clauses based on performance and if not, they can go with him! Stand with me! Push Price and have Folkes take over for the rest of the year whillst they look for a replacement! We have a voice! We make a stand! MARCH WITH US!!!