We need your support to prevent the eviction of the Tűzraktér Independent Cultural Centre from its premises on Hegedű utca, and to lobby for a longer-term agreement with Budapest’s VIth District

The government of Terézváros (Budapest’s District VI) is forcing Tűzraktér to vacate its quarters after six years before the 31st of March, 2011, citing economic reasons.

The building’s four-storey structure is providing 374 artists, dancers, theatre groups, film-makers, circus performers and a host of civil society organizations a work space and an opportunity to enrich the district with their creativity and enterprise.

In 2010 alone, Tűzraktér organized and provided the space for 1300 programmes – from language to dance classes, from photography to urban studies courses, and family events, democracy education and workshops promoting tolerance – attended by more than a hundred thousand people. These initiatives were recognized by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture (2006) and honoured, among others, with the 2010 Pro Urbe Budapest and 2006 EUREGIO Innovation Awards.

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