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According to the World Health Organization, worldwide, over 80 per cent of people in need have no access to psychological or psychiatric treatment.  People with mental disorders around the world are exposed to a wide range of human rights violations. The stigma they face means they are often ostracized from society and fail to receive the care they require. In some communities, people with mental disorders are banished to the edge of town where they are left semi-naked or in rags, tied up, beaten and left to go hungry.

Patients in many mental hospitals fair little better. People are restrained with metal shackles, confined in caged beds, deprived of clothing, decent bedding, clean water or proper toilet facilities and are subject to abuse and neglect.

People with mental disorders also face discrimination on a daily basis including in the fields of education, employment and housing. Some countries even prohibit people from voting, marrying or having children.

Through various initiatives, the international NGO Global Action Against Poverty of the Brothers of Charity helps to restore dignity and to improve the quality of life for those who are suffering from a mental disorder.

Please join this petition and help to bring change in the lives of these people who could be your partner, close friend, relative or neighbour. The petition will be brought to the attention of policy makers in various countries on October 10th 2011, the World Mental Health Day.


Man with mental disability, chained to a wooden blockPETITION: 

We call upon the Ministries of Health worldwide

  • to increase their efforts in educating and changing public attitudes towards mental illness and in advocating for the rights of people with mental disorders.
  • to improve human rights in mental health facilities, to protect patients against inhuman and degrading treatment and living conditions.

  • to increase investment in quality mental health care, to dedicate a substantial part of the national health budget to mental health care. There is no health without mental health.

  • to develop and train mental health workforce to ensure that people have access to good quality mental health services at each level of the health care system.


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