Improvement of City Power Service Delivery Issue

We need action to be taken on the following service delivery issues:

* The extended time it takes to repair minor faults. On some call logs it has taken upto 5 days, then it was a circuit breaker that tripped or a faulty connection.

* The lack of communication from City Power when there is a major outage and it has not been resolved within 24 hours. Residence have the right to be informed.  But in days no legit or viable answer are given or an ETR.  The request for further information is simply just ignored or you get a standard answer.

* The fact that there is no LT Technicians available during the night to assist residence with power issues and outages.  Alot of the faults requires a cherry picker because it is a fault on the pole or overhead wires.  This is creating a huge backlog on the already overburdened work load.

* Dangerous situations were cables have broken or been stolen. This takes days to repair and the cables are live that have been cut or damaged by unforeseen circumstances.

* Contactors that trench for new cables to be laid but damage water pipes.  This delays the process longer as the water leak takes another 2-3 days to rectify.

* Sub stations and mini sub station that are not locked or unable to be locked due to vandilisation.  People sleep in the sub station and break the already fragile system more.  Mini subs that are unable to lock are a target for people to switch off power to properties or damage and steal cables.

* Streetlights is a major concern as it is a security risk. Dark streets is were the criminals focus on to create there acts of crime.  It has to be reported several times before action is taken or that it is even attended too.  Most of the time it is simply a globe that needs replacing. Othertimes lights burn the wholeday long but at night they are not operational.

*Illegal Connections do not enjoy the necessary attention as most of them run over main roads and are dangerous but yet left unattended.


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