In the case of Judit Szima, asking the Mansion appoint an impartial tribunal!

Dear Mansion full decision-making body!

I, the undersigned, dr. Eszter Fórizs author of the following petition, here I ask you to support the contained request in accordance with the petition, in case the of Judit Szima, asking the Mansion to appoint an impartial tribunal.

At the 21of  December 2016 Judit Szima, requested the Curia, to EXCLUDE matters under discussion right from the obviously biased Zalaegerszeg Tribunal and the Court of Appeal of Pécs.

I strongly recommend to read the formulated comments of the petition under the "signatures" section. The petition has also been signed by the Standby Police division (TMRSZ). The petition has been signed, from Moscow, to the United States, from England, to Sweden, Germany, Romania and from all corners of Hungary. The society requires a fair procedure be applied at the case of Judit Szima. In case of a positive decision of the Curia the people of Hungary would feel, secure towards the judicial process of the highest judicial level or at implemented subordinate courts in Hungary.

Currently, at 01/30/2017 there are  381 signatures standing and supporting the petition. We are convinced, that the number of supporters will grow steadily in the next coming days. With the signatures people are expressing their dissatisfaction with the manner how the case of Szima Judith has been discussed, and judged.

An access to the petition can be read at the attached link. Here we kindly ask you to carefully read the comments that have been registered by TMRSZ members and by non TMRSZ members:

Here I also kindly ask, to consider in your decision that Judit Szima is raising a minor child as a widow, and the  previous  judgment of the court is taken into account also upon a semi-orphan child as well.

A petition by today has not been discharged, we intend to continue to collect signatures, and we will  periodically transmit them to you.

Best regards, dr. Eszter Fórizs

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