In Support of Borders and Borders Attorneys

The current practices of Harry Borders, John Borders, J David Borders and the entire staff of Borders & Borders located in Louisville, KY, are NOT being questioned by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB is investigating only the activities of the title companies, and they were closed many years ago.  There is absolutely no reason anyone should be nervous about sending closings to Borders & Borders.

These guys are true servant leaders who do much good for the community and their integrity is beyond question.  Borders & Borders are the good guys. They are ALWAYS there when we have a question or need advice . These are the folks that teach classes at GLAR, show up for meetings when they are asked to discuss various topics, and the ones who have our backs to help insure  we do not get in trouble during the contract to close period. They are always here to watch out for our needs.  NOW IS THE TIME FOR US TO LOOK OUT FOR THEIR NEEDS AND SUPPORT THEM.

We also affirm to all lenders who may be reluctant to do business with this outstanding firm of professionals due to this lawsuit, that we as members of the real estate community will use those lending organizations that will support and stand behind us as Realtors in our desire to remain loyal to those companies who are loyal and support us.