Increase Teacher Pay to diminish the Teacher Shortage Worldwide

Teacher shortages have become an issue around the world and many factors play a pivotal role in this dilemma. Some factors are the recent covid pandemic, low pay and benefit contracts, and challenging students to teacher classroom ratios. Although, modest policies that target top-up salaries have recently shown to be highly effective in persuading teachers to stay. But money is not the only reason many teachers are considering abandoning their careers and classrooms. Stress has also been a key reason why teachers are leaving their classrooms. A few stressful contributions that a teacher endures are managing disrespectful student behavior, extra workloads due to low staffing, personal mental and physical concerns, and a lack of resources. Three out of four educators who have been surveyed would not recommend the job to others. With that statement alone, I believe it is safe to say that being a teacher requires a lot of energy, determination, and passion. By signing this petition, we can create together the first stepping stone in changing this unfortunate dilemma. 

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