Comprehensive elections for a new Palestinian National Council


Our Palestinian people:   The Zionist colonial situation in historical Palestine is deepening, through the intensification of Zionist settlements building, seizure of land, control of natural resources, and attempts to liquidate of our people’s inalienable national rights. Zionists continue their massacres and extrajudicial executions against our civilians, from Jerusalem to the Negev and elsewhere, with unconditional support from the successive American administrations. The Zionists make every effort to exploit the current situation of absence of action from the United Nations, divisions of the Arabs World, the official Palestinian involvement in the Oslo Accords illusions, and the acquiescence to the "self-governing authority" which has the rule over the inhabitants, but not the land. In addition, there are efforts to abolish our People's right of self-determination, return and independence via the so-called "Basic Law of Jewish Nationalism."   In the face of this Zionist colonial incursion, and in order to preserve the constants of our people and its national, cultural and economic identity, we call for an urgent meeting of the Central Council, which is -according to its Article of Association- empowered to discuss, implement and follow up the resolutions of the National Council. The Central Council does not have the basic National Council's terms of reference. Hence, the lack of legality and legitimacy of the origin (the National Council), makes it illegal to call the branch (the Central Council) to convene. It is essential to develop a strategy of unity of our people, our right in the liberation struggle, getting rid of the existing Oslo Authority and moving on to the task of rebuilding the Palestine Liberation Organization, based on pluralistic democracy, as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people in all of their places of residence. The Organization is the carrier of the Palestinian national project of liberation, territorial integrity state and unity of the people and purpose, since the biggest danger facing our liberation project is accepting "security" and "economic" solutions rather than national liberation.   In the meantime, we declare our rejection to the preparations by the PA to ta;e decisions aimed at undermining the original powers of the National Council, and we also reject the appointment of a new Speaker of the National Council, considering that they were made by parties that have lost their legitimacy. We strongly oppose the call of the Central Council to convene, because that means stealing the the powers the National Council and compromising its role.   Sons and daughters of our great people,   At this sensitive era in the history of our national cause, we call on all of you to stand united in the face of the policy of hegemony, exclusion and singularity of the Palestinian national decision, and we call for:   - Adhering to the Palestine Liberation Organization as a unifying tool for the Palestinian national struggle and defending our legitimate right to liberate our Land, self-determination and return, national independence on the land of historic Palestine and confronting the racist, colonial Zionist entity with a united national front.   -         Organizing new elections for the National Council that represents Palestinian people worldwide and unites its struggle under one umbrella: The Palestine Liberation Organization as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people in historic Palestine and in the diaspora with one liberation strategy to protect our existence and inalienable national rights, and revives the Palestinian national project agreed upon in the Organization’s charter.   We call upon all individuals of our people to move by all peaceful and legitimate means to thwart the endeavors to hijack our national decision and robbing the powers of the PLO bodies in preparation for the abandonment of the Palestinian inalienable national rights. ــــــــــــــــ Participating Initiatives, institutions and groups 1- The National Campaign to Rebuild the Palestine Liberation Organization 2- People's Alliance for Change 3- The National Democratic Movement 4- Enough Is Enough Movement 5- All Palestinian 6- Freedom and Dignity List 7- La Union Palestina de America Latina 8- La Asociacion Salvadoreña Palestina 9- Soceidade árabe palestina de Brasíliav 10- FUNDACION CULTURAL COLOMBO PALESTINA 11- Fundación Centro Cultural Colombo arabe Al-Awda 12- Asociación Cana'an Venzula 13- Asociación Comunidad Palestina-Guatemal 14- Colectividad Palestina de Bolivia 15- Unión de jóvenes palestinos de Venezuela. UJPV 16- We are 12 Million" campaign   ·     More names of individuals can register here and may participate in movements and groups.

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