International adoptions should be handled by a state authority, not private organisations


Sweden may be a small country populationwise but it is one of the largest adoption countríes in the Western hemisphere. There are around 60 000 international adoptees in Sweden and the majority have been adopted through private organisations.

In the 60s and 70s, international adoptions were handled by the National Board of Health and Welfare, but in the 80s, adoption became a matter for private organisations. During the 80s and 90s, there were five authorised agencies active, but due to a decline in available adoption countries, there are currently only three remaining.

If an adoptee wants to do a background search, visit the country of birth or is in need of councelling or therapy, there is little to no support on offer. The adult adoptee is referred to his or her organisation.

The post-adoption services differ a lot between the organisations. They are not equally equipped to be of service due to their size and current financial status. Some of the smaller adoption organisations are in the process of closing down, so chances are that the National Archive wil be the only option, as it is for the adoptees adopted through the National Board of Health and Welfare. The National Archive stores adoption documents filed under the social security numbers of the adoptive parents. 

However, some of the organisations offer grants between $500 - $1500 for background search, visiting the birth country and therapy. The adoptee can apply for grants and is expected to show receipts and report back to the organisation about the background search and/or the journey to the country of birth.

The largest adoption organisation still in business - Adoptioncentrum - offers adoptees help for a fee of £344. During a period of three years, an employee will make use of the expertise and the contacts the organisation has established over the years. Adoptionscentrum also arranges group trips to three of the some twenty countries they cooperate with. The adoptee has to pay for all costs him/herself. Adoptionscentrum does not offer any financial support for adoptees.

All adoption organisations require that the adoptee becomes a paying member, which means that the adoptee has to adhere to the organisation chart. The consequence of this may be that an adoptee who does not sympathise with the activity of the adoption organisation and acts accordingly may be excluded from the organisation, thus losing access to the contacts and expertise that Adoptionscentrum claims to have. 

An international adoption costs about $40000. Adoptive parents get a government grant of $8600 once the adoption is finalized. They only need to confirm that an international adoption has taken place.

In short:    

International adoptions should be handled by state authorities. ·      

All adoptees should have equal rights to post-adoption services

National adoptions are administered by the Social services and that should be the case with international adoption as well.

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