"It's The People's Time. Finally"

This petition will give the Bahamian Government good enough reason(s) and grounds to give/support to the bahamian people & tax payers of the Bahamas on a month to month basis without delay funds equivalent to their normal income prior to the corona virus reaching our borders. It will stand to give waivers for Bahamas Power & Light Known as BPL, Water & Sewerage and LandLords, Gas, Miscellaneous items...

Jobs are being lost daily, businesses are closing daily. Bahamians are struggling even more now to survive and we cannot take excuses to the banks nor our landlord. The money belongs to the people. It's the people that are putting it in our Treasury and it is there to be used and given to The People, so why not do it at such a time?


Requesting that an amount be reached no lower than $2,000 per month during lockdown/curfew for each household.

Waivers for BPL, Water & Sewerage Corp. Rev Bahamas, BTC, Aliv.

Bank Loans Payments be put on hold and the loan just be extended with No Added Fees, we cannot continue to take money out Bahamians mouths especially when there is literally nothing coming in and not give back.

Mortgages, no penalties just extend the mortgage and loan by however months we have for this Corona lock down.

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