We the undersigned oppose giving Jereme L. Nelson the death penalty as well as a life sentence! 

      Have you ever heard the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover.", or how about "Before you go around judging people, you better make sure your own hands are clean.", or last, but not least (excuse my language on this one) "Don't believe the shit you hear about me, it could be true, but chances are its as fake as the person who told you." do any of these ring a bell?

       I ask this because those who don't personally know Jereme L. Nelson ONLY have opinions about him based off what the media has said about him, with all its defamation of character, slander, accusations, and so much more. The media has build this imagine of a evil hearted, torturous monster of a man, and placed it into the public eye. Now, not only allowing, but making the public misjudge, and prejudge a man, that NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM has been proven guilty at all! In doing so not only has the media slandered and destroyed this mans reputation as well as built a false image in the public eye, but above all else the media has almost if not completely ruined Jereme L Nelson's chance at a just, and fair trial!

       What good is our Justice System when we can't even give a just and fair trial? The media has thousands if not millions of people already judging an innocent man, because of the things we allow to be said on social, and news media based off of what....what somebody else said, what somebody else told law enforcement, what little information the law enforcement chooses to allow and not allow to be released? 

What good is our Justice System if it isn't just, and if you believe it is, explain to me how in anyway this man stands a chance at a FAIR TRAIL with so many opinions misguided, mislead, misinformed and misjudged already formed against him....?

        I personally know Jereme L. Nelson, I've known of him for years now, but I've had the privilege, and yes you read right, I've had the PRIVILEGE of getting to know him personally the past few years. Jereme isn't your normal everyday guy you see, or run into. He's really so much more than that, he genuinely cares about people. He is the kind of person who goes out of his way to help people and really doesn't expect anything in return, and not because he has to or is obligated to but because he doesn't like seeing people suffering, hurting, or in need of anything, that's just the kind of person he is. When your talking to him you can expect to hear something you may or may not like, simply because he's honest he's not going to sugar coat it for you, that's just another thing that makes him amazing! He's the kind of friend that everybody needs in their life the kind to tell you how it is, but still be there if you need him, the guy that makes everybody laugh!  There's been this crazy thing I noticed its really unique. I've met a lot of people in my life, and maybe only 2 of them Jereme being one of them have this ability, but when he talks its almost like everybody stops and listens because they know its 1. True 2. Real and honest 3. Its of some sort of importance or knowledge, but most importantly 4. Because he is so well respected by so many people, in so many ways.

        He's definitely unique and would help a stranger if in need, but if there is ANY ONE THING I could say about Jereme L. Nelson that stands out, it would absolutely be how TRULY AMAZING of a father he is. I admire him so much for that. His kids are everything to him, as he is to them.  Those children come first to him above EVERYTHING else! He goes to every practice, every game, does the camping thing, all of it. Family is everything to Jereme. 

        As I'm writing this I can't help but to think about how much of a tole this is putting on his family, and friends as it is, it breaks my heart, but to think even more so the tole and effect that sentencing a prejudged innocent man to the death penalty, or life in prison either one would have on those beautiful innocent children. If you seek either one not only are you killing an innocent man, but your killing those children who love their father to no end, your torturing them, and making them pay the price for the social and news medias misleading deformation of character and slander they just blatantly, and carelessly threw out to the public to misjudged as well as prejudge a man taking away any chances he has of a right to a fair trial. Taking away a father, and best friend from his children, childhood innocents, as well as changing, and ruining their outlook on society, the government, and life itself. Leaving yet more children fatherless, devastated, and in all reality possibly their chances in life, changing who they are now into institutionalize children by character of virtue of his historical records which is only stereotypically statistical of the medias induced judgment of their father, Jereme L. Nelson.


So if you could join me in signing this petition for Jereme L. Nelson with your information, and if possible even leave a little paragraph of how Jereme made an impact on your life or anything you'd like to say! Everything helps!