Judicial Commission to Probe the Assassination of Pof Channar



Mr Syed Qaim Ali Shah

Chief Minister of Sindh


Subject: Plea to Constitute Judicial Commission to Probe the Assassination of Prof Bashir Ahmed Channar at the   University of Sindh, Jamshoro


Dear Sir,

Prof Channar was shot with several bullets by two unknown motorcyclists while he was driving his car near the mausoleum of Allama I.I Kazi at University of Sindh on Jan 2, 2012. According to his son “my father was shot at around 01:40 PM, I got a call from one of my acquaintance at around 02:20 PM who informed me about this incident and I rushed to arrive at the location within no time but found no one other than my friend to help me carry my father to the hospital. Alas my father died because of the apathy of the administration of the University of Sindh. My father being the Director of Student Affairs had been receiving many threats (apparently owing to University’s decision to rusticate as many as 28 students) and he had been requesting the University for the provision of the security for his protection but alas the University neither provided him the security nor did they manage to take him to hospital in due time after his assassination!”.


Sindh University Teachers’ Association held its General Body Meeting on Jan 4, 2012 and unanimously resolved to request the Government of Sindh for the constitution of Judicial Commission to probe the assassination of Prof Bashir Ahmed Channar. The minutes of the general body meeting had already been communicated to your office but so far our association hasn’t received any response. Owing to this tragic incident, all the teachers of the University of Sindh are passing through deep grief along with fear of insecurity in terms of their lives and the academic activities continue to remain suspended since 2nd January and hence the future of tens of thousands of students is at risk if the demands of the Sindh University Teachers’ Association are not fulfilled on priority within minimum time.


It is therefore, you are requested to kindly expedite the process of constituting the Judicial Committee to probe the assassination of Prof Bashir Ahmed Channar. The Commission must analyze the corruption and mismanagement involved in the University transactions that could have triggered such a horrible incident at our Alma-mater.


It is only through the proper probe of the incident and punishment to the real culprits and their cohorts that the conducive academic environment could be restored at the campus and teachers, students, officers and employees could work with peace of mind.


Yours Faithfully,


Dr Azhar Ali Shah


Sindh University Teachers’ Association


All the signatories