Just Say NO to Solar Facilities in Residential Areas of Randolph County

Randolph County is considering a REZONING request from Residential- Agricultural to LIGHT INDUSTRIAL conditional district to allow a 40 acre 5 MEGAWATT Solar Facility to be placed on Hoover Hill Rd (1 mile down from fork at Old Park Rd.) There are unknown risks associated with this facility being near so many families! Increased risk for lightening strikes, fires, exposure to dirty electricity, decreased property values, not to mention the prison-style fence topped with barbed wire we'll have to look at outside of our windows everyday for 40 YEARS! It's in our backyard this time but rest assured this will be a PRECEDENT setting decision and, if approved, you can bet facilities like this may be in YOUR backyard next! PLEASE! Sign the petition to encourage the Randolph County Board of Commissioners to vote NO to the rezoning request on February 10th! Thank you!

PS..... we are NOT opposed to solar! We're opposed to solar In residential areas.


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