Justice for Diamond

James Leroy Evans committed a horrific crime.  He raped and then hung, a 3 yr. old pit bull named Diamond.  Diamond was a service dog that provided emotional support for an 8 year old boy, who is related to James Leroy Evans.  A veterinarian that examined her body, said that the dog had been severely sexually abused and the official cause of death is asphyxiation. An animal control officer said that the degree of violence that this animal went through before her death is probably one of the worst cases she has ever seen.  James Leroy Evans wanted Diamond to suffer physically and emotionally.  When Diamond was found, her hind legs were barely touching the ground and there were scratches on the tree where she had struggled trying to free herself.  James Leroy Evans also has a history of domestic violence, burglary, and controlled substances.  If he could do this to an animal that was a service dog for a member of his own family, what is going to stop him from doing this to any child or an adult for that matter. 

I am asking for your signature on this petition because I want the Judge in this case to sentence James Leroy Evans to the maximum sentence allowable without any plea bargains or parole.  There are more and more people abusing dogs and other animals everyday.  As long as people like James Leroy Evans believes that they can get away with abusing animals and the law isn't going to do anything about it, the more it will happen.  Diamond didn't deserve to die like that and neither do so many other animals that are abused. 

Please help me get some justice for Diamond and sign this petition.