A young woman (Diva Marshall) was assaulted (picked up & thrown in a DUMPSTER) by a group of men. One identified so far, is 32 year old Jayvon, aka "Fat Rodney". The Instagram names of other attackers are listed below, and so are video links. This happened at a complex called, Paradise At Parkside apartments in Washington DC. This is where the group facilitate fight rings between drug addicts, and make bets on which one will win. It's Not confirmed that the victim is an addict, but a video shows the group antagonizing her as she happened to be walking by. Jayvon (Fat Rodney) & his friends tried to get her to hug and kiss someone (@sneaky_bandz), as another pulled on her arm. She tried to walk away, but they followed her, yelled insults, barked at her, grabbed her, then THREW her into the apartment complex DUMPSTER. There's also a video of the men pouring soda or juice on her, and another of them pushing her into a bush. In the midst of this, the videos have gone viral. Her attackers have been threatening her to keep her quiet, and taunting her as well. Please save Diva Marshall. SIGN this petition to have her attackers arrested and charged with felony asault, and Email this statement to Metropolitan Pd. Mpd@dc.gov Also, TEXT charge them all to 50411 with the video links attached.

The list of attackers & fight ring facilitators

1. Jayvon ig name fatrodney
2. Ant Glizzy ig name barbarasongmg
3. Ig name Sneaky_bandz
4. Ig name Cruddymurda
5. Ig name Paradise_drew
6. Ig name Grizzlemoney
7. Ig name Tayservinn

View screenshots of the attackers, taunting, & threats on facebook page link



 assault video 



video of attackers pouring liquid on the victim after throwing her in dumpster 



video of assault on Facebook 



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