Justice For Kayla Judge

 I am Gregory Judge and this is my Horrific story of my daughter Kayla Judge that was stolen from me and her mother in February 2010 from Mena Hospital in Mena Arkansas by The Department Of Health Services and later sold for adoption after my parental rights were illegally terminated. There were 2 individuals that worked for the Department Of Health Services that orchestrated my daughter being taken.

 Please go to http://freepdfhosting.com/18735c59ed.pdf to review the entire story & in the attached documents, you will review deceptive & fictitious information given by the 2 individuals that represent The Department Of Health Services.

It is my belief that, these two women work together as a team abducting babies under false pretense and selling them for adoption right out of The Department Of Health Services office. They saw that we were passing through Arkansas when the mother went into labor and immediately set their plan into motion.

You will also find copies of my parenting class certificate as well as negative drug screenings from both her mother and I proving we both tested negative for drugs. I also consistently paid child support for my daughter to The Arkansas Child Support Enforcement on time & never late until my daughter was adopted out. They are still currently sending me statements for on-going payments.

Please visit & sign this online petition http://www.petitions24.com/justice_for_kayla_judge  that would enable me to reach the supreme court.

Please review my case in it’s entirety and if possible, please assist me in getting my daughter back. I have completed serving my sentence and I am now on probation in Houston Texas.

I have a long journey ahead of me, however if you would like to make a small contribution to assist me with attorney fee's & court cost. Please visit https://www.youcaring.com/JusticeForKayla

Please follow us on  www.twitter.com/justiceforkayla for updates regarding this case. 



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Lastly, I am appealing to you as a single father. The mother has relinquished her rights to me. She is NOT involved or associated with this case.

This is my cry for help!


Thank You & Feel Free To Contact Me Via Email Justiceforkaylajudge@gmail.com

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