Justice for THOZAMA Ntambula victim of GBV

  1. IMG-20230226-WA0009.jpgIMG-20230226-WA0004.jpgIMG-20230226-WA0007.jpgIMG-20230226-WA0006.jpgThozama Ntambula was Assualted and Stabed by his Ex Boyfriend, THOZAMA was in a abusive relationship for 3years then she broke up with Her Bf last year but then Guy keep on stalking her and the guy would call her but THOZAMA NTAMBULA didn't fell for all the tricks until this month when she was walking with her Sister and the perpetrator came out of no where and stabbed her. Please South African help us to ask the Court to give justice fir THOZAMA Ntambula because that guy is a danger to her she is not safe at all.

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