Justice For Victor Patrick Trahan

Hello, I have created this petition for Victor Patrick Trahan! I know Victor was innocent and there is a lot of proof and we want to bring this person to court along with all of this persons friends who were in on charging Victor for rape. This persons name is being left out as I do not want to invite them to conversation. But we know that Victor is innocent and did not deserve what he what put through.


An innocent man was put in jail multiple times. Things happened to him in jail that no innocent person should ever go through. This person fought so hard to make Victor loose his kids because they didn’t want him to see them ever again. Victor fought for his freedom, for his life, for his kids and to clear his name. This person had a group of their friends come to set Victor up and frame him. When this person tried to proceed after Victor met my mother this person started sending their friends to my mother telling her that he’s not a good person, she’s abusive, he’s a cheater, a liar, a user all because my mom protected him and helped him stay out of jail. When that wasn’t enough they started coming to vandalize a vehicle. Charges couldn’t be made because the vehicle they vandalized was under their name.


This person has a great way of manipulating, pretending to be someone else, lying, being the victim, Etc. This person also stops at nothing until she feels she has won. They are sickening and they need to be put away.


This person knows who they are and who ever knows Victor Trahan very well know who I am talking about.


This person I am talking about already has a criminal record for stealing from needy people. They were charged for theft from the Santa fund. This isn’t revenge, this is to clear victors name because he was innocent!


If you wish to help clear Victor Trahans name and put this person away along with their friends who lied and claimed rape then please take the time to sign this petition and share it on your Facebook wall unless you sign anonymously.


Help clear his name! He was innocent!

Rust in Paradise (March 17 1961 - August 19 2022)

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