Don't Let Them Take Edgar The PIG!


My name is Alice and I am 17 year old girl from DUMBO, Brooklyn. I happily live here with my mom and my four sibling along with my 13 year old dog and beloved 2 year old pig, Edgar! My building management told my family that Edgar is no longer allowed to live in our loft in DUMBO. Edgar is loved by everyone and quite the celebrity amongst family members, friends, and even strangers! It is illegal to own a pet pig in NYC, but Edgar has been family for two years already! Someone in our building complained to the building manager with no reason aside from the fact that he is a pig. Edgar hasn't hurt a soul. He is the sweetest pig and everybody loves him. Please sign this petition to help my sweet pig Edgar stay at home! I will be so heartbroken without him. Many will be heartbroken. Please help!