Keep it rural

We the undersigned citizens do hereby petition the Jefferson County Colorado Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to keep the scenic Foothills Highway Corridor(Highway 93) in its current rural and natural state.  We ask you to immediately stop all funding and all other forms of support for any activities or proposals that advocate or in any way promote the urbanization of any lands to the west of the scenic Foothills Highway Corridor, to include the Mountain Backdrop and all lands east to Highway 93.  This corridor is in your jurisdiction from the Boulder County line south to the north boundary of the City of Golden.

For the purpose of this petition, urbanization means any zoning that is not rural or agricultural.  We are specifically concerned with and opposed to the proposed Keller Farms zoning change for Area 30 in the North Plains Area Plan and urge you to vote no in the up coming zoning change hearing.

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