Keep the shoes shining at South-African airports please Diners

Diners Club came up with a brilliant and proactive initiative to boosting entrepreneurship in South-Africa. Diner's club card holders were offered a free shoe shine with the shoe polishers at some of the domestic airports of South-Africa. 

Unfortunately due to lack of demand on this service, Diners Club have submitted notice of withdrawal. 

I am one of the people that could have used the benefit but never did. Now that they are taking it away, I would like to petition Diners Club to please give us a three months grace period to monitor usage and to try and enhance this wonderful initiative. 

I encourage as many people to please sign this petition to Diners Club to thank them and to plead with them to give us this three months grace. We with Diners Club Cards also undertake to start using the shoe shine business.

Signed by the following: