Kick a Felon off the Jasper County Animal Shelter Council

Why is there a felon in charge of the safety of homeless and missing animals in JC?! Specifically a felon who has mulitple battery charges and MORE. 

  Without me mentioning anything about her grooming...Sign this petition if you think Marissha L Mathew should not be a board member of our local animal shelter.  She has purposely intimidated and banned many people from the shelter only because she personally doesnt like them anymore. My dog slips out of her harness every once in a while and takes off. What if the shelter picks her up and decides I cant have my dog back because Marissha doesnt like me? I need other people to realize whats really going on here. 

   Stand up against this woman with me and show her that she can no longer impact our lives with her own personal problems. Thank you all.  

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