Kick Lawrence Dominise as a Classroom President.

Dear fellow students,

We, the undersigned, would like to draw your attention to an important matter regarding the behavior of our class president. We feel that he has consistently failed to treat us with the respect and dignity that we deserve as members of this class. Therefore, we are calling for a vote to remove him from their position.

Over the past few months, we have noticed a number of instances where our class president has disregarded our opinions and feelings. They have failed to listen to our concerns and have made decisions without consulting us. We believe that this behavior is unacceptable and goes against the principles of democracy and fairness that we hold dear.

Furthermore, our class president has shown a lack of respect towards our classmates in private and public settings. This has caused discomfort and tension within the class, and has made it difficult for us to work together as a cohesive unit.

We believe that a class president should be someone who is respectful and considerate of their fellow students, and who actively listens to their opinions and concerns. Unfortunately, we do not feel that our current class president meets these criteria.

Therefore, we ask that you join us in calling for a vote to remove our current class president from their position. We believe that this action is necessary to ensure that our class is led by someone who values and respects us all equally.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we urge you to sign this petition in support of our cause.



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