The Taita Taveta County Public Service Board has the responsibility of appointing and recruiting Public Officers in the County. The team has been accused of Nepotism, favouritism and bad practice in carrying out its duties. Cases have been reported where Board members recruit their relatives, friends and well connected individuals within their personal social circle. Further allegation indicate that the Board appointed individuals into office who never applied for the Jobs advertised neither attend the compulsary interviews.

This resulted to a public outcry which forced the Governor of Taita Taveta County, John Mruttu, to appoint a Task Force which would investigate the conduct of the  the CPSB team. The Task force confirmed the allegation and reported that  a total of 44 people were irregularly recruited by the Taita Taveta county Public Service Board.

We are therefore calling upon the Taita Taveta County Assembly to compel the  Governor to take appropriate action and fire all the CPSB team members and arraign them to Court to answers charges of Nepotism, Favouritism and misuse of Public Office.

By signing this Petition, you send a clear message that you want Transparence, true Justice and fairness become  the quiding principles and the way of doing things in Taita Taveta County.

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