Labor History in the Schools -- Connecticut

I hereby endorse the Labor History in the Schools initiative in Connecticut and, through signing this petition, support legislation to mandate the study of labor history as part of the history curriculum in Connecticut public schools.

Background information:

In December 2010, GNHLHA began gathering support for a legislative initiative, called Labor History in the Schools, with endorsement by the CT AFL-CIO Executive Board. The study of labor history in the schools not only ties in with already-mandated educational standards, it is an important component in preparing students for the work force. CT AFL-CIO President John Olsen voices his support for the initiative: "Labor education at a grassroots level is critical to strengthening the labor movement. The CT AFL-CIO supports the Greater New Haven Labor History Association in its goal of providing each child with the tools they need to think critically about their society as they enter the work force."

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To contribute, donate here or mail a check to: GNHLHA, 267 Chapel St., New Haven, CT 06513

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