Young people and children must be guaranteed the right not to choose SETA's ideology

We the undersigned demand that the law protect the children and the youths from the ideology of SETA,
which others representing the same ideology are spreading to day-care centers, schools, educational
establishments and activities of leisure time. This ideology includes, for example, the plurality of genders and the idea that a person can be born in the wrong body.

The views of Seta represents the set of values that is different than the sets of values of many children,
youths, parents and guardians. We do not want that Seta or the others that represent the same ideology
bring the ideology in question to children and to youths without the separate permission of parents or

That´s why the representatives of day-care centers, schools, educational centers and the quarters of leisure
time must inform in good time to parents and guardians, if they organize an event representing the
ideology of Seta. For them, who do not take part, they must arrange other program for the event. We want
by this way guarantee for children and youths the peace for the development according their age. It
belongs to their basic rights.

Tarja M. Itkonen ja Irja Ollilainen    Contact the author of the petition

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