Lara must be found!!!

Mr. President of the Polish Republic
Andrzej Duda  

Kancelaria Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
ul. Wiejska 10

00-902 Warszawa      


Request for an urgent intervention in the matter of underaged Lara Karzelek

Dear Mr. President,  

I propose and ask politely for immediate intervention from the honored Mr. President of the Polish Republic in the matter of underage Lara Karzełek (born on 10/14/2009 in Pasewalk (Germany)), abducted from her father, sole custody owner, on 10/02/2014 at 07:30 in Ditzingen (Germany) during a brutally conducted abduction by her mother - Joanna Sontowska. I request the honored Mr. President of the Republic to determine Poland to immediately undertake steps to investigate for what reason the child's natural right to education in stable, secure environment under the care of her father, Thomas Karzelek, the only custody owner recognized by resolutions both in Poland and in Germany – is not being respected in Poland.

Thomas Karzelek received the sole custody by Decision of the district court; with the decision of the district court Ludwigsburg from 12/19/2014 with the file number 5F 541/13 SO was the sole custody transferred to the father - Thomas Karzelek. Joanna Sontowska has lost custody and is currently in prison for a crime that she herself has admitted.

  Currently the district court in Luban, arranged by the Decision of 12/01/2014 AZ IIINsm 364/14 has forced the removal of the child Lara Karzełek from her mother Joanna Sontowska and handing her  over to her father Thomas Karzelek - to accept the decision of the district court in Ludwigsburg from 10/08/2014 with file number 5 F 1480/14 HKE A and the enforceability in Poland through the district court in Jelenia Gora from 11/07/2014, file number I Co 201/14.   Against Joanna Sontowska a European arrest warrant from 10/21/2014 was issued by the Stuttgart public prosecutor, now legally binding. On 03/25/2014 Mrs Joanna Sontowska was arrested and sentenced to 3 years and 3 months in prison in the second instance for the crime. As it was not the first child abduction from the side of the accused Mrs Sontowska, the sentence was considerably severe. However, despite this fact, the offense continues and the child is still the person suffering the most.

  The district court in Luban has passed this decision for the realization to Szczecin district court, Szczecin - Prawobrzeze i Zachod; this court has asked the court curator for forced removal of the child Lara Karzelek from Joanna Sontowska.   The file number III RNsm IK13 / 14 and the files of the court curator 364/14 indicate, that the only activities of the curator were the appearance at the mother´s Joanna Sontowska´s home address for few times in couple months (on 12/12/2014, 12/17/2014 and 01/03/2015). Secondly, she made calls, but only due to resolute demand of the child´s father. Lastly, she notified the public prosecutor that the mandated activities could not be carried out.

  Currently, probably the family Sontowski is hiding my daughter Lara and do not want to release her. There is no doubt that the activities taken by the court curator are decidedly insufficient.   With the utmost determination must be underlined that I, Thomas Karzełek and my daughter Lara Karzełek are ignored by the Polish authorities, my personal rights are being violated and these of my daughter Lara Karzełek too; in particular the right to protect my family, for the formation of family relationships, the rights of access of a parent to the child. Polish authorities, as you can see, are not able or willing to demand lawful conduct capable of family Sontowski, they are not able to fulfil the court order and hand the child over to the only one custody owner. Although the behavior of the family is based on breaking the German and Polish laws, it is apparent that such behaviour of not submitting to the court decisions in any way is being accepted in Poland.

  I ask politely to active advocacy by the honorable Mr President of the Republic of Poland to the matter of underage Lara Karzełek on the territory of Poland, as a infant Polish citizen who was wrested in a brutal manner from the custody of the father, also Polish citizen. I ask for the enlightenment of reasons that caused, that the behavior of Joanna Sontowska, who does not respect any court orders, both domestic and from abroad, and who breached the law, especially criminal law, is being respected in Poland.

  I respectfully request the honorable Mr President of the Republic of Poland to help in the reinforcement of the activities of the prosecutor's office, police, court and court orderlies to determine the whereabouts of the child, in particular to help in the investigative work against the family Sontowski and operational work of the police, which can lead to betray the whereabouts of Lara, as the family Sontowski with all certainty have contact with the child and with the people who take care of the child, especially telephone contact, and do not want to reveal where they hide the child.

  Because of the risk of injury or death of a 6-year-old child you need to give the matter the highest PRIORITIES. At present we do not know in what physical and mental condition the child is, or where and with whom the child resides. In this situation, one must assume that the child's welfare is at risk and there is danger to life and limb.

  The child protection officer is informed from the beginning about the matter, and the matter is out there among the file number ZSR441.2746.2015 i ZSM.441.9.2014.AJ. There is a possibility that the MP from PO Renata Zaremba from Szczecin abused her political position and has supported the offense by affecting both the child protection officer as well as the courts in Szczecin and Police.

  The Polish police leads finally my daughter as missing person in category I after my complaints, but without success for nearly a year. 

 Lara is already of school age, has no medical care - and in spite of several requests the system Amber Alert, according to the police Regulation Number 26 of the police commander of general highquarters in Warszawa from 07/18/2013 has not been turned on, without giving reasons, simultaneously with the announcement that they have no idea, where my child is.

  Due to the above-mentioned I apply and I beg your intervention.