The Last Dragon (1985) as a PAL DVD release to Europe!

In 1985 a movie called "The Last Dragon" had its premiere. Nowadays it's been released in United States in NTSC format.

In Europe several TV channels have shown this movie years ago and this movie is not so well-known in Europe. This movie has been released as VHS in the late 80's but nowadays you can't find this movie, even as VHS, hardly anywhere.

Eventhough we could buy this movie from The Unites States, all the European persons can't watch this movie because we have PAL system in our TV's and another region coding in our DVD-players. The United States they have NTSC system in their televisions ans region 1 in their DVD-players

Sign this petition for releasing this great movie also here in Europe in PAL format and with region 2.

Eventhough you didn't know this movie, help others to get this movie also in Europe!

Thank You so much!