Good day to anyone that reads this ……..

I feel that I need to redo my letter…….I don’t want to sound like I’m this ungrateful viewer/person that just sees only the negatives…..

First I’ll start wit the positive sunny side as there is actually one ….. I’m only going to point out the TV channels I watch as I can’t speak for everyone…..

We do get some great shows , let’s start with Mnet….. CSI Las Vegas and New York……Blue bloods are a great cop show and that’s not talking about the absolutely cool Hawaii 05, I really love this show…..and amazingly some of the shows are really up to date…. …..

Mnet movies 1 2 Stars ….here and there you sometimes catch a really good movie….

Universal….They have some nice true life dramas on there….

M-net Series…..criminal minds are fantastic and Supernatural …There are a few other new shows

BBC Entertainment Dancing with the stars ,Live at the Apollo was nice….

Discovery channel: Myth busters, Border security and there are a few other science shows

Vuzy sometimes have some great reality and teen ….

E entertainment….need I say more….

Zone reality: untold story of the interesting sometimes….

BBC life style …great cooking and home renovations shows….

Food network …Love the competition type shows they have on there….(chopped, iron chef etc)

Crime network: As bad as this is I like crime stuff….

National Geographic Channel …..Interesting…

Disney/xd/ nickelodeon what can I say I like cartoons……

This is just a basic list I normally watch That I feel need to be looked at…..

Lets go over to the dark side of dstv …..

I’ll list the same channels to just prove that even if I only watch about 16/17 channels I can clearly see there is a problem with your broadcasting….I’ll add one extra only because there is no positives on this channel to begin with….

Bump edition program- This means bumping one show to another channel after it’s finished on that one…

Mnet….. Now I like to sometimes watch a repeat that I missed because of a schedule problem…But honestly watching the same show more than  4/5 times in one week is a little overboard….

Mnet movies 1 2 Stars ….repeats….

Universal….if you missed all the show’s first seasons and it’s repeats you now get to watch it again on here Plus the will through in a few first season programs even though you’ve watched it 6 years ago on mnet and it’s repeats…they will start from season one and go to 4 and then 2 again and I’m don’t  think the can remember what the already showed…..AND HONISLY HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU WANT TO SHOW LIFE IS A FAIRYTAIL …..I have never watched and never will, stop broadcasting it….

M-net Series…..Again same as mnet the amount of repeats on this channel is a little too much and wait for it YOU AS premium viewer get the super special of watching the shows you already watched on Mnet again. You can thank the Compact  and Select 1 viewer for that because they don’t have Mnet and DSTV don’t care that we’re technically  paying for them to watch the show….I mean they are not really giving a the premium view much of a advantage if we have to  watch the shows that already was on mnet again on 3 other channels ……….And now they also make it harder for the working people to watch programs as they changed the time of the program to 10 o clock at night when it use to be at 6….

BBC Entertainment repeats…You can only watch car show so many times and showing shows that 4 years old. WOW…

Discovery channel: Border security has just started it’s repeat cycle…you know you start watching it and it’s like but I watched this two weeks ago and that’s what you said two weeks ago…..

SET….Why do we want to watch 10 year old programs like Frasier I though tcm for that use???

Zone reality : untold story of the er.... started it’s repeat cycle…you know you start watching it and it’s like but I watched this two weeks ago and that’s what you said two years ago(not a joke for real)…..

BBC life style …I love extreme home make over but how many times can you see them build a house for the same family….is there no other families…or chicken coops…

Food network … I’m a expert are rolling dough …..They get like 6 new episodes of a program and repeat it for a whole month…..

National Geographic Channel …..Interesting Repeats…

Disney/xd/ nickelodeon  I’ve watched I carley last year when it came out and I’m actually still watching episode one ……and suite life of zack and cody when they where like 6 or something wow really…..

So I’m waiting for a reply to say we get the channels as they are and can’t change the scheduling But it’s funny that if indeed they get it as is how can they then have so many repeats of the same show on 3 different channels….

I know that in writing this note I’m not really going to get the results we are all hoping for just pre written reasons/excuses and they cant do anything about the repeats…..

I’m great full for the programs we have and there is some great adjustments but if Dstv started listening to what we all are constantly repeating to them and started acting on that we would not be complaining so much……

And there will be no dstv sucks (not my words) comments that they don’t even care about….

I want to hope we will get a good response from them, saying they are working on the complaint and actually really taking it seriously but out of previous responses from them don’t believe we will….

I understand that they are a big company and have a lot going on But it’s time for them take a step back and relies that maybe they way they are doing things are just not working for the all the loyal dstv subscribers…….and that they need to direct their attention to this matter…..

I’m hoping to get a satisfactory answer but don't think I will as the honest truth is that dstv don’t have the time to worry about their viewers…if they really did I believe they would have tried to do something by now and I’m sure we will get only a polite response saying,  we care but are not really going to do anything….

If I’m wrong in saying the above Please dstv show us the evidence that you are indeed looking into the matter and are planning a Hugh overhaul with less repeats…..

Yours truly