Let Eugene stay in Norway

We support the claim that Eugene must be allowed to stay in Norway and that he immediately is to be released from detention in Stavanger prison. Eugene Nkuranyabahizi is a Rwandan citizen. In 1999 he was recognized as a refugee by UNHCR. He got protection and was resettled to Norway. He is married and he has three minor children. Since May 2013 he has been kept in detention in Stavanger prison. He is accused, by Rwandan and Norwegian authorithies, to have participated in the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. In 2013 the Rwandan authorities requested him to be extradited to Rwanda. Eugene is prepared to defend himself before a competent and independent court. Neither Eugene nor his defence lawyer expect this to be possible in Rwanda. They claim that only Norway can give Eugene a fair trial. Eugene is fearing extradition. He thinks that, in reality, he is already considered convicted by Rwandan authorithies. In June 2016 the Norwegian department of justice decided that Eugene is to be extradited. There has been made an appeal to the Norwegian government. New information indicating total lack of evidence in favour of the charges against Eugene has been presented to the department of justice. We are now waiting for the decision to come. This claim is about demanding justice and respect of fundamental human rights. To sign this petition it is not needed to consider the question of guilty or not guilty. 

Fred Winther Holt, ESPOIR menneskerettsgruppe    Contact the author of the petition