Let Marita stay at Wången

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Wången is the where we all have coming to from whole scandinavia. Young people with dreams and a hope of a course wich will help us reach them. The future of not only the harness racing sport, nor the iclandic horse sport but the whole horseworld. But it is not just a fun game. We move away from home in early age to live alone. We are stuck at Wången the whole time, with people around us constanly and our time here is not just studying, but our spartime and lives. We are in need of good workers who can help us with conflicts or practical stuff, or be there for a good talk or just do not leave us all alone. We really need someone who make Wångens environment nice and positive. We are just at the edge to grown ups, and we do need someone to just support us through this time. Do you think it would be easy to live with your collegues? The workers here are very important for us, our studies and our lives. 

MARITA ANDERSSON is everything we want., Nd she got years of rxperience er upp. She does allways give a hand with practical stuff such as transport or moving between rooms. She is cleaning all the houses. She is allways there to listen, when we need just for our selves or to solve conflicts. She has the ability to see alm views and she is always faire. Marita is positive and easy to talk to, and she makes the our houses to homes. Best of all: She has always the student's best wishes in mind.

Wången have now decided to move Marita from the livingplace with the reason "She has not enough grades". We think that we students should be asked, is Marita skilled enougj? YES! All names in this list are confirmig That Marita should stay, though she is competent, making difference, and really suport us. 


Thank you!