Let's Save the Equestrian Park of Blainville

Petition to: The city of Blainville

We the undersigned, residents of the province of Québec and other provinces of Canada, citizens of Blainville or citizens of other municipalities, competitors, spectators and every other person who frequents or does not frequent the Parc Équestre de Blainville located at 1025 Chemin du Plan Bouchard, Blainville, Qc, J7C 3B9;

Wish to bring to the attention of: City of Blainville, Mr. Mayor of the City of Blainville and municipal parties of the City of Blainville;

That: the decision taken by the city to “end equestrian competitions on its territory and to convert the park into installations reserved to soccer and football” will erase one of the jewels of equestrian competition sites of international notoriety, that welcomes year after year multiple equestrian competitions of different levels from regional, to provincial and national;

That: this decision will have an important and undeniable negative effect on the economic fall back to the business community of Blainville and other neighboring cities;

That: this decision will have a negative impact on the health of equestrian sports of the entire Province of Quebec but more specifically the Laurentian region;

That: this decision ill rob the City of Blainville of its distinctiveness, a uniqueness full of history that brought a special light to it across the province and the country;

That: This decision, if not done, should have been brought before the Quebec Equestrian Federation, the government authorities concerned and the equestrian community. Ideally, this decision should not have been adopted on the basis of a survey of such small nature and that in doing so, puts doubt on its realistic reflection of the opinions of the residents of the City of Blainville or the equestrian community;

That: This decision has deprived multiple adepts of the equestrian arts, riders, competitors, young and old of the use of a terrain to practice and promote the sport and practice a healthy lifestyle;

TO THIS EFFECT, the undersigned wish: The City of Blainville, M. Mayor of the City of Blainville and municipal parties of the City of Blainville;

To: please reconsider this decision, to re-evaluate the impacts on all levels, that this decision will impact not only the local economy of the city and its merchants but those of surrounding cities as well. It will impact the Québec equestrian community and its health, to take the time to consider all existing possibilities to preserve the original vocation of the Parc Equestre de Blainville, calling on the Quebec Equestrian Federation, on Equine Canada, on government authorities and different partners of the equestrian community of Quebec;

To which we have signed.