This petition is created on the behalf of all the players, parents, coaches on all levels, from all schools, from all athletic organizations, from all over the United States! We understand that we live in unconventional times and we also understand that there are responsibilities and rules that we must abide by in these unconventional times!

We are fully aware, capable, and more than willing to do our part in keeping not only each other safe, but also those who contribute to the sports and Athletics that we take part in, including our communities!

We ask that the powers that be to consider us essential and not take our ability to compete, not take away our platforms which are used as an outlet, therapy, and which are also used as an opportunity to better our lives and continue our education!

For many of us this is all we have and is our last opportunity! For many of us this is the only thing in life that we look forward to! For many of us this is how we eat! For many of us this is how we communicate! For many of us this is how we vent! For many of us this is how we reciprocate love! For many of us if you prohibit us and we lose our ability to play it could be the one definitive moment in our lives that changes the positive direction in which we were headed!

In conclusion we the student athletes, parents, guardians, educators,  coaches, enthusiast, reporters,  administrators, officials,  spectators,  and everyone  to do your part by signing this petition and calling  your County Directors of Athletics, Central Offices, Govenors, and even Representatives and tell them to #Letusplay!

We understand the risk, we understand the responsibilities, we understand the concerns, and we understand the seriousness of the times that we live in today. We are willing to do whatever it takes to be able to play the sports that we love! We ask that you do not cancel our seasons and we simply ask you to


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