Lift Capacity Restrictions in Dallas Diocese

Dear Most Reverend Edward J. Burns,


As Catholics under your care in the Diocese of Dallas, we present to you this petition out of zeal for our faith and the salvation of souls. 

We humbly request that capacity restrictions on parishes in the Dallas diocese related to the Covid-19 virus be lifted by March 28th, in time for the celebration of Holy Week.  In the spirit of deference to all concerns for the preservation of health while supporting the common desire for spiritual relief, we ask that the decision to ease restrictions be minimally assigned to each pastor's discretion. 

Faithful Catholics have had to bear a heavy burden in doing without the sacred liturgies of last year's Holy Week, the holiest week of the year, the central liturgies of our Faith, to say nothing of bearing restrictions imposed on all liturgical activities throughout the past year.  Are the faithful capable of absorbing such challenges without the effects of discouragement?  Is it not now time to focus on conquering the risks of the temporal order with the unction of spiritual fervor, especially when our State Governor has already supported religious institutions' rights to fully reopen and additionally has now dropped all mandates, allowing businesses to resume normal operations if they so choose?

If we have faith even the size of a mustard seed, should we not trust that God would hear our petitions, especially during the holiest week of the year? Should we not congregate, begging His mercy and protection, as generations of faithful have done in the past during times of great illness, sometimes to receive miraculous aid through the depth of their faith and trust in Him?

We urge you as shepherd of your flock to hear our plea, that our churches may be able once again to be a refuge where the presence of Our Lord in the Sacrament and the liturgies He has provided for our health are available to all. 

May they not feel turned away for the very reason they are seeking out refuge in the Lord's house. 

We humbly pray for you, and beg you to hear our petition.