Lights save Lives

Let's put a traffic light, let's save a human life!


Our petition to install a pedestrian traffic light in Nadezhda Living Area near the 24th Polyclinic


Given the signals for a great number of traffic accidents involving pedestrians, Centre for Human Rights organized a campaign for placement of pedestrian traffic lights in dangerous places.


We conducted field research of the said location in the city of Sofia, Living Area "Nadezhda - 4" Boulevard. "Gen. Nikola Zhekov" at DCC XXIV.


There are two stops of the public transport, between which there is a walkway that serves crossing the road to the park and to the polyclinic. It is located on a straight part on the boulevard, drivers are speeding and often do not stop to let pedestrians cross. During interviews with residents in the area we have been provided data for several accidents with pedestrians, including on the very walkway. Mothers with children and people using the public transport are crossing the boulevard very often - there are bus stops №№ 85, 108 and tram № 6.


The study showed that it is possible to be placed pedestrian traffic light to reduce the risks for citizens, especially for vulnerable groups - the elderly, sick, mothers with children.


Please support us by signing this petition and spread it to take necessary actions to Sofia Municipality and "Traffic Police" in CDI for the purpose.


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