Liridon Destani and his family. We need help!

I don’t know what to say but right now my heart is full of sorrow. I have gotten the news from the police through the immigration office that me and my family have to leave the country within one week. I am about to cry. I really do not know what to do. I am only 15 years old and I am the only one who is taking care of everything to help my family, since none of my parents can speak English or Icelandic. My mom is seriously sick and I am mostly worried about my mom, since we cannot afford to buy medicine to her in Macedonia.

My dad was a farmer when we lived in Macedonia and we had to survive with only 150 euros pr. month both for me, my sister and my parents. Me, my mom, my dad and my sister lived in a very narrow room in my cousin’s house, since we did not have the money to rent or buy a house, and now that my cousin is married, I am really afraid that we might end up in the streets. My heart is pounding and I have right now a lot of anxiety. I am really scared and have been crying in my room many times. Seeing my mom and my dad cry is one of the worst thing one can experience. I am hopeless! I have been travelling with my family from country to country, have been forced to learn different languages and have never had the same childhood like many others. I have always wished to have a childhood, where I could think back to the ‘good times’ I used to have; having a house, having some good and near friends, going to a school, enjoying my free-time, but none of those things has been possible from neither me or my sister, since my whole childhood has been through struggles. My dad has lost his job in Macedonia and I am expecting the worst. I am not the one who is complaining, nor am I complaining now, but I just want the best for my family.
When I came to Iceland I thought that this might be our final destination. I love the country and I could finally find my first near friends, finally plan a beautiful future for me and my family and finally get myself an education and being productive in the society. I love all my Icelandic friends, my classmates, my teacher, my neighbor and I deeply respect higher authorities and respect the law. My teacher has always told me and my sister, that we are doing excellent in school and she has tried to do everything to help me out. I am going to miss my friends, my football team, my classmates, my teacher, my neighbor and lovely Iceland, that I consider my home. I have already begun learning the language.
I really feel like an element. Not like a human being but like an element. After being refused again and again, travelling from country to country, I feel like my dreams of having an education and helping my family slowly fade away. I don’t know what to do. I do not have any more energy left. I am only 15 years old and my energy is limited. I need your help!
I kindly ask you all to please write your name on this petition and SHARE this. After many tries, I still see a light on the end of the tunnel, and this might be my last try. If not this works, I really do not know what to do. PLEASE SHARE THIS!