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Pedestrian and bicycle bridge Cents – Weimershof/Kirchberg

In 2006 the municipality of Luxembourg City established a concept for bicycle traffic. In this concept a bicycle connection between the districts of Cents and Kirchberg was planned for the first time, as well as an elevator for pedestrians and cyclists between Pfaffenthal and the upper city, which will be inaugurated in a few months. But even though the City has already presented two different drafts for the bridge between Cents and Kirchberg (with an access to Neudorf by elevator), this project is still not in a phase of implementation.

This connection is however a major element in the capital’s bicycle concept and will allow to connect two important residential and business districts. Furthermore, the access via elevator will offer a quick connection to the plateau of Kirchberg and the city centre to the residents of Neudorf. In addition, this bridge will not only make the capital accessible by bicycle to the residents of the neighbouring municipalities in the east, but it will also ensure a topographically more favourable connection between Luxembourg City and the Mosel region.

Given the importance of the project for both, the daily commuters as well as the tourists, the LVI expects the municipality of Luxembourg City to bring forward its accomplishment as soon as possible.

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