Mail deliveries // Renewal and maintenance of washing machines

Hello dear students,
after the frequent thefts of orders and mail deliveries, it should end as soon as possible. For this purpose, good suggestions for solutions should be mentioned.

Furthermore, we know that there are two washrooms in building A and B respectively. With more than 200 residents in this dormitory, there should be large and functional washing machines and dryers that are regularly maintained by a dormitory worker. However, we have to struggle with the fact that some washing machines fail completely, that they no longer work, are outdated or are constantly occupied. There are clearly too less washing machines. Also the result after washing is not satisfactory. The clothes are still dirty in some places or completely soaking wet. In addition, the machines are very dirty, which is why you don't want to wash your clothes in them. Instead, it would be more appropriate if our washrooms were buried with large functional washing machines, similar to a laundromat, with regular maintenance.
If you share the same opinion, I would be happy if you sign this petition. The more people agree, the easier it will be to convince our clerk. I'm looking forward for your support! :)

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