Make School Lunches Healthier!

I believe that school lunches should be healthier. I believe this because making school lunches healthier can make kids focus more and it can even be cheaper if you find the right food.

Mara Fleishman of Boulder Colorado says that you can make school lunches healthier and at a cheaper price. According to SELF, there are many different healthy foods that you can make for under $2.

According to "" healthy meals boost kids' energy and make them learn better. According to a huge amount of research they did, it makes kids want to participate more and it makes kids get better grades. If we fix the school meals, parents will be more likely to feed their children healthy food at home.

Over 13.6% of kids get all of their meals from schools and if that is all they eat, they are not eating healthy meals. In the school lunches in Jefferson County, CO the salads have 166 calories which are why kids don’t eat the salad because it is not filling and it leaves them hungry. Also, on the menu, they do not show how much sugar is in the meal. I believe that this is because they do not want people to know how much sugar they are feeding your kids and you. 

For some school meals, you are having twice the amount of sugar in that meal than you should have in a whole day! That is about 14 teaspoons of sugar for that meal! On the cranberries they serve, the first ingredient is cane sugar. This meal all together has 69 grams of sugar!  There are also tons of preservatives which are also so unhealthy.

According to the University of California, 1 in 4 kids have diabetes or prediabetes. That means with a class of 19 kids (class size average) amost 5 of the kids have diabetes or prediabetes. 

Instead of sugar and preservatives, I would like to see a change in school foods. Instead of funnel cake hidden as " Spooky waffles," I want real waffles. We should be served salads and other delicious foods like pasta and filling healthy salads. I want to see fruits and veggies for lunch not cookies and slushies as the fruit. I want to see this change in food throughout my district and other states. I want to make sure the food changes everywhere not just in CO or in Jefferson County, CO. 

Please note, we are only asking for your country and state so we know where the petition goes. We will not keep that information. Also, we would highly appreciate it if you passed this onto other people you know so that this can spread and people will be more likely to change the food. IMG_20210126_080514.jpg

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