Make Wayne County PA a 2nd Amendment sanctuary

Proposed gun control legislation in the US House requires a response by law abiding gun owners of Wayne county. Whether you own one of the "evil black guns" or not these radical leftist will not stop until they disarm the citizens, so your bolt action and shotgun are next. In fact under proposed legislation your great grandfather's side by side can't legally be passed on to another family member without a background check meaning that giving that shotgun to your child would be a felony. Joe Biden wants this legislation to contain a $200 tax per "assault weapon" and $200 tax per "high capacity" magazine. This is an egregious infringement on the God given right of law abiding citizens. Many parts of Wayne county are remote making the gun owner the only defense for their family and property. We are the majority, in fact President Trump won 66% of the Wayne counties vote even after the middle of the night vote shenanigans that took place in November. The momentum is with us, many counties have either already or are currently working on sanctuary laws. Make your voice heard and stop the tyranny of the left.

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