Manifesto for the truth on electronic cigarette

The signatories of this Manifesto for the truth on electronic cigarette make reservations on information conveyed since a few weeks by Quebecers media.

The disposable electronic cigarette (DEC) is getting increasing attention in Quebec, as does the personal vaporizer (PV).  Unfortunately, they are both frowned, thanks to disinformation and propaganda. We invite the media and government, medical and community stakeholders to get more thorough information before doing any more harm to a tool that has proven itself to be beneficial in a tobacco quitting process.


We demand to be heard.  You have got questions: we have got the answers.


One has got to know to distinguish between disposable electronic cigarette (DEC) and the second generation electronic cigarette (PV).  They way that the media actually bring the information does not allow for the public to make this difference. We ask for a change of tone.  This begins by a better understanding of the phenomena.

DEC does not carry any nicotine.  The PV for its part is a refillable electronic cigarette that features various parts such as rechargeable battery, atomiser, reservoir… The user self-refill the nicotinated (or not) liquid according to his own needs and advices from the professionals working in specialized stores.

The specialized stores and professionals are already restraining PV sales to persons under majority of age. Posters are clearly displayed in the stores and verifications are carried as by ID cards for instance.  This is not often the case for DEC in many convenience or tobacco stores all across the province.

From all around the world, several clinical studies have proven that nicotine itself is not carcinogenic, neither that it causes any cardio-vascular or pulmonary disease.  It is a well-known fact that smokers smoke for the nicotine hit but are killed by combustion by-products.

There are no combustion products in a PV: no tar, no carbon monoxide, no ammonia, no cyanide… Those who die every year from tobacco products are killed by those by-products and not from nicotine.  There is no second-hand smoke.  There is no smoke at all because with propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, a vapor is produced without combustion. 

The PV and nicotinated liquids (juices), when used in concentration of 0 – 24 mg/mL have no adverse effects on heart or lungs.

Clinical proofs have shown that individuals suffering from cardiac or pulmonary illnesses have presented significant improvements with their health by using a PV.

We strongly suggest to the government, medical and community authorities as well as the media to read the recommendations from greek cardiologist E. Farsalinos from Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center : “Safety evaluation and risk assessment of electronic cigarettes as tobacco cigarette substitutes: a systematic review” for more information on the matter  ().


Furthermore, prohibiting nicotinated liquid’s sales is a thoughtless decision from the government authorities.  In no time, this will result in a black market.  Several vapers are using liquid nicotine (solution) to make their own “juices”.  This allows them to make substancial savings.   Authorities seem to forget that users are not idiots : they know dangers associated with liquid nicotine.  They do not let it in their children’s hands, neither with their pets.  Lots of them even lock their liquids to avoid accidents from happening.

Pharmacists could sell necessary products for users to create home-made juices.  We are talking USP propylene glycol, glycerin (already available) and nicotine.  This could be done free sales but under surveillance of the pharmacist (as with some drugs).  On the other side, to maintain greater diversity, aromas and flavors could be sold in specialized stores.

Any discussion for an upcoming government regulation should consider this information as well as the following recommendations.

The signatories of this manifesto recommend that:

  • That the disposable electronic cigarette (DEC) without nicotine be withdrawn from the market and banned from sale.
  • That solely specialized stores be allowed to sell products linked to 2nd generation electronic cigarette (PV)

  • That the sale of liquid nicotine (solution) be legalized in Canada and Quebec;

  • That basic products that allow vapers to create their own “juices” be on free sales but solely at the lab in Québec’s pharmacies;

  • That a bill forbidding DEC and PV buying for those who are not at the age of majority be put in place as soon as possible;

  • That marketing and promotion be allowed solely to recognize that 2nd generation electronic cigarette (PV) is a valid alternative to tobacco quitting.

Finally, the signatories of this manifesto ask for a greater respect in their right to vape.  Dint of disinformation, vapers will be viewed as outcasts.  We are calling for respect from the media and from various stakeholders from the medical business. This public respect will bring great respect by the population.