Maintain the Original Formula Windsurfing Class with Fin

CAF_3387.JPG Hello all Formula Windsurfing competitors, freeriders and lovers of the original Class of Formula Windsurfing with a fin. This group create this petition for you to vote in the maintenance of the original class of Formula Windsurfing. Since the Formula Foil was created inside the IFWC (Internacional Formula Windsurfing Class Association) there been lots of pressure to kill the original Formula Windsurfing class and to be substitute by the Formula Windsurfing with a Foil (Formula Foil).

Right now the IFWC is trying to show that is the same class Original Formula Windsurfing and Formula Foil, but for us are not, are two completely diferent classes, that are sailed in two diferente ways, for that reason every competitor or athlete that pass to Formula Foil, need to learn again how to sail, and for that we know that are two completely classes.

The IFWC is not flexible and is not thinking about the competitors and the windsurfers that still enjoying Original Formula Windsurfing Class. They need to change because in old days Original Formula Windsurfing was the top class of Windsurfing and a development classs, and all windsurfing professionals was in this class, right now is completely the opposit, right now almost 100% of the racers and competitors in the classe of the Original Formula Windsurfing are amateurs, and the Championships must to have that in consideration, like lower the prices of inscription fees, better conditions for racers, good places not only for racing but to bringing families in holidays and get know the place, lower the cost of organization regarding international jury, and other issues, and only with this we can maintain a good class, and a good fleet.

Right now all the professionals are racing in Formula Foil, and is now a development class, and Original Formula Windsurfing is a very whell stablish class, with a long history (20 years), lots of people enjoy Original Formula Windsurfing, the equipment are not so expensive anymore, the majority the equipment are very competitive since 6 years ago, and much more people could come and race in Original Formula Windsurfing, because is less expensive and much easy, is not a race for equipment anymore.

What IFWC did for 2020, instead of changing the organization costs and conditions for the local organizers was to pass the 4 World Tittle gived by the World Sailing Federation, to the Foil and none to the Original Formula Windsurfing, when Foil have no history, we event don´t know if will fufill all the numbers to have a world tittle and even so they didn´t give any worlds to the Orginal Formula Windsurfing class. We are not agains ´t the Foil, but what we want is to have both classes Original Formula Windsurfing and Formula foil, ruled by the same Association IFWC but ruled like two completely diferent classes, right now there are already countries doing that, and is working good, for that reason we want also to be in the International Association, two diferente classes.

What we want is to have two diferent Classes, Original Formula Windsurfing, and Formula Foil, with diferent rules for each one and also with diferent World Tittles for each class have each own world tittles in the world Sailing Federation.

This is one of the ways to try to make pressure in the IFWC, if with this petition IFWC don´t change if everyone agree we have to create a new independent Championships for the Original Formula Windsurfing Class. Please help us to Maintain the Original Formula Windsurfing Class alive and with World Tittles and with better conditions for the amateur Competitors.    

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