Marin County Open Space - Bike Specific Trails

James Raives
Marin County Open Space District
3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 260
San Rafael, CA 94903-4157
(415) 473-3745
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Dear James Raives,

I am a mountain biker and I would like to express my support for the Road and Trail Management Plan specifically: bike priority trails and trail building techniques that foster the growth of mountain biking such as insloped turns and rolling dips.

I feel that separating bike, hiker and equestrian traffic would help end trail conflict and would also allow for safe, bike specific features to be built in a sustainable way on the mountain bike priority trails.

Not only do I support the RTMP but I would be willing to help build these bike priority trails. The mountain bike community represents a huge group of volunteers who can help provide experienced trail building expertise and the labor to create these types of trails.

Thank you for your time.