MARIUPOL MAY 1, 2022  


The Russian military has killed over 20,000 Mariupol residents in these two months of war. Nazi Germany killed 10,000 in its two years occupying the city during World War II.                Manchester Guardian

Mariupol mayor: Russian military killed twice as many residents as Nazi Germany.  Vadym Boychenko said that in two years of Mariupol’s occupation during World War II, the Nazis killed 10,000 people. The Russian occupiers have already doubled the number of victims in two months of the Mariupol siege, the mayor said. “This is one of the worst genocides of civilians in modern history.”                                                                                                                  Kyiv Independent

As a citizen of the world, a small basic humanitarian act I am able to do, is demand of the:

-Russian Ambassador to the United Nations                                                            -Chinese Ambassador the United Nations                                                                -Secretary General of the United Nations                                                                 -My country’s Ambassador to the United Nations                                                     -Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations                                                         -My Country’s Head of State;;;;;;                                                                                                                                                                                      


- Russian forces arrange the complete humanitarian evacuation of all civilians and Ukrainian military from any where in Mariupol by Saturday May 7 to be able to claim control over the city.

- that the Chinese state with it’s “unlimited friendship” and support of the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine needs to withhold their support of this invasion by demonstrating some humanitarian values through demanding the evacuation of Mariupol.

- that if the evacuation of Mariupol has not been completed by Saturday May 7, I will consider organizing a vigil outside the Russian embassy or consulate nearest me.

- that the United Nations immediately address the structural disfunction of the UN Security Council

- that wherever and whenever possible I will not make individual purchases of goods from Russia or China until the Russian army and any proxies withdraw completely from any and all regions of Ukraine.

- that I will demand of my government to do the same.   

To this end I will forward these demands to the:;;;;;;

and to forward to all other individuals I know who care about humanity, justice and the future of democracy.





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