Masks optional for Wall township public school kids and staff.

With the recent announcement  by Governor Murphy, that masks will be optional on March 7.We the families in Wall ask that the Wall superintendant and BOE make the masks optional for all students and staff. We ask that Dr. Handerhan go back to the letter she sent in August, stating that masks would be optional, before the governor changed the  EO.We the parents and families in Wall want to have the option to make the decision to mask or not mask our kids. It is ultimatley up to the parents to make thse decisions for our children.

  1. Once the mandate has been lifted , let families decide what is best for their child/ children.
  2. All school aged children and adults, have had the chance to be vaccinated at their choice. 
  3. The CDC has declared that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are capable of transmitting covid. For this reason, it does not make sense for a parent to have to have their child in a mask if not vaccinated.
  4. Many adults have been socializing, dining, shopping etc without masks... Adults underestimate the impact of masking on kids who wear masks for  many more hours a day than most working adults.
  5. Studies are showing that the masks are causing more  physical and emotional harm than good on many children.

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