Petition to cancel offline examinations for classes 9th and 11th and switch to online mode of conducting exams in MBIIS

To the management of Manava Bharati India International School

This petition is to bring into your kind knowledge the plight of the students regarding the information passed by the teachers about offline classes, practicals and examinations

  • With the death toll by COVID of the state crossing 10,000 and the national death toll crossing 1,50,000 in a matter of 10 months, the risk that the students need to take in order to even attend an exam offline is too high. Students should not be putting their life on risk just to give exams.
  • With the total cases of COVID reaching over 10 crore in India and 6 lakh in Delhi itself and more being reported every single day, it is still not completely safe for the childen to be going to common grounds, meeting and interacting with people etc.

  • The circular sent by the school states that the school shall hold no responsibility if the students end up getting infected by the corona virus. If the school administration is so keen on conducting offline examinations then they should at least take responsibility for the health and safety of the students which they are not willing to.

  • Many schools like Apeejay, Amity and Don Bosco have understood the concerns of the students and have taken the decision of conducting examinations online and we firmly believe that Manava Bharati school should do the same.

  • Exams and classes both were conducted online for the whole year. So , the finals should take place online as well. Students who were not able to attend some classes properly due to issues like health, connectivity etc. have been lagging behind their classmates in studies. The emotional burden of examinations being conducted offline is taking a huge toll on them as well.

  • Families and relatives of many students got infected with the virus in the previous year and because of the same , majority of students aren't willing to take further risk.

  • Online classes and exams too caused pressure on children and because of the same reason many webinars were conducted as to how to battle anxiety and to stay calm in this person. Having said that , all the students believe that announcement of offline exams would further put a toll on everybody's mental health.

  • There will also be issues regarding transportation, parents have go to their respective jobs every day hence they wont have time time to drop and pick their child and as far as public transportation is concerned, they are highly unsafe at the moment.

  • The risk of being infected is not only limited to the students who attend the examinations/practicals/classes but also to the school teaching and non teaching staff, parents and relatives which include aged people as well as children who are the most vulnerable to such viruses. Also, the general public which lives around the homes of the students who are going to school as well as the school itself would be in great danger too. The school will end up acting like a catalyst for the coronavirus.

  • The consequence of opening schools has been already faced by USA when a sudden spike in COVID cases was seen in teenagers after schools re-opened for them. The same is most likely to happen in this scenario too.

Hence , we hope that the school will pay heed to our request and agree with the parents as well as the students to conduct examinations, practicals and classes online

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