Metal Heart festival two

Show your support for Aussie metal! This petition is to show just how many people are behind local metal, made by Aussies, played in Australia! We need to stand together and unite in our support, we have strength in numbers, lets show them just how many of us there are! So share this with your mates, your freinds, your relatives and aquaintances.

We at Metal Heart festival believe in supporting original Australian metal, we are doing our damnedest to put on an awesome show and provide a platform for Aussie bands to showcase to both their peers as well as industry professionals.

This petition will be used as part of a grant submission to gain access to fund to PAY THE BANDS THAT PLAY THE FESTIVAL!!!!!!! Yes thats right, to give the bands something we almost never see....... payment for their art, their skill, same as you get in any other industry!

SO LETS SHOW WHAT AUSSIE METAL IS MADE OF!!!!!! Sign the petition, you dont have to do any thing, just sign and share, we need to prove there is strong community support to be taken seriously and get funded......this is your chance to help make a change!!!!!!!!!